Media-less Filtration Applications

Algae Harvesting for Bio-Fuel

Algae Harvesting
InnovaTech received a grant in Aug 2009 from the NC Green Fund to do further research and development in the collection of algae, a critical component of the process of turning it into usable fuel.  Traditional filters quickly clog with the algae as vast amounts of water must be separated out.

Brown Water Filtration

US Army Filtration
Innovatech is also currently working on a project with the U.S. Army to develop a system for filtering and re-using wash water in mobile field kitchens.  This would dramatically cut down the volume of water that needs to be trucked across hazardous routes into front line bases in dry climates, greatly reducing costs and danger to personnel.

Oil Mist Separation

Oil Mist Separation
Innovatech has applied its technology successfully to the separation of oil from the mist produced by CNC machines in production environments.  The harmful oil is removed from the air and returned to the CNC lubrication system instead of clogging up traditional filters.