Innovative Filtration and Separation Technology

NovaFilter™ - Maintenance-Free Separation

Innovatech has developed a novel means for separating fine particles from a fluid stream that offers significant advantages over conventional filtration/separation technology in many industrial applications. InnovaTech's NovaFilter is an innovative spin on the centrifugal separator filter. 

  • A NovaFilter™ is a centrifugal device that uses boundary layers of air and controlled vortex flows to separate particles from a gas/liquid, and does not employ barrier filter media that can clog or blind. 
  • A NovaFilter™ offers high efficiency, constant performance (flow and pressure) and maintenance-free operation.
  • A NovaFilter can be employed as a filter (separating particles from a gas/liquid), as a fine particle collector (product recovery) or as a particle classifier (separation by size/density).

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